In Praise of the Prune

I like a good prune. I mean, when it’s soft and sweaty like a candy bar on a hot day. When it’s a sinister Disney-villain shade of brownish purple, and it tastes of nothing but honey and caramel, what’s not to like? It’s the word that no one likes, the word that indicates, to so many Americans, constipated octogenarians praying on spoonfuls of paste. Read more…

Sesame Seed Prune Balls


Whenever I think about creating recipes for you guys during the months of September through November, I’m constantly trying to make recipes that are nutrient dense (of course) and SIMPLE! So many of us are busy with getting back into the routine of fall and everything that comes along with it. Personally, I’m so busy with the cookbook launch that I ,too, have to get smart about making recipes super simple, portable, and nutrient dense. These Sesame Seed Prune Balls do all of the above as a convenient and portable snack and have added bonuses of supporting bone health and keeping our digestive system happy! Read more…

Grower Corner

Gary Thiara quote draft 1

“My brother and I grew up in our parents farming operation. Today, we continue to manage and expand the farming roots put down by our parents with high expectations that our children will join us in the future to carry forward the family legacy.”

– Gary Thiara of Empire Farming Company / California Prune Grower