Meet a Farmer: Ranvir Singh of Feather/Yuba River Farms

Ranvir and family

Meet Ranvir Singh,owner of Feather/Yuba River Farms. Find out why Ranvir is a California prune grower. 

CDPB: What three words would your family use to describe you?

Ranvir: Hard-working, intelligent, caring

CDPB: What is your favorite activity to do when you aren’t working?

Ranvir: Work on/restore cars

CDPB: How did you get started in the prune industry?

Ranvir: My parents had a 17-acre prune orchard in the 1970s and, after college, I sold my car shop and began working on and managing the family farm.

CDPB: What makes you proud to be in the California prune industry?

Ranvir: Growing one of the healthiest products with such a wide outreach, and the challenges that it gives me.

CDPB: What sets California apart from other prunes?

Ranvir: California prunes are grown in a better environment and are safer to eat because of our strict regulations both from the state and our industry.

CDPB: What makes your orchard different than your neighbors?

Ranvir: My orchards have denser planting for higher yields and we use micro-irrigation management of all of our orchards. Also, there is no till so it’s better for the environment.

CDPB: Who inspires you and why?

Ranvir: General Patton inspires me with his great leadership skills from WWII. No challenge was too large to overcome and I aspire to be a great leader such as him.

CDPB: If you were not a grower, what job could you see yourself doing?

Ranvir: I could see myself working on cars and building custom race and street cars.

CDPB: Describe prunes in three words?

Ranvir: Healthy, super-fruit, delicious

CDPB: What advice would you give a future grower?

Ranvir: You really need to think about it in the long term. It’s a way of life, a lifestyle. It’s not to be counted simply as an economic reward.

CDPB: Do you have anything else you would like consumers to know about your orchard and your growing techniques?

Ranvir: We believe very dearly that food safety is of the utmost importance and we take as many steps as necessary to keep the fruit off of the ground and away from contamination.

CDPB: What is your favorite way to cook with prunes?

Ranvir: I like my prunes sauteed and made into a sauce to compliment pork or beef.

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