Meet A Farmer: Neill Mitchell of Neill Mitchell Ranch

Mitchell FAM-1

        Grower Neill Mitchell with wife Sandie , their two sons and grandchildren.


Meet Neill Mitchell owner of Neill Mitchell Ranch and California prune grower. When Neill isn’t in the orchard see what he is up to and why he is proud to be a California grower.

CDPB: What three words would your family use to describe you?

Neill: Dedicated, Resourceful, Informed

CDPB: What is your favorite activity to do when you aren’t working?

Neill: Staying on my houseboat and playing music

CDPB: What makes you proud to be in the California prune industry?

Neill: We produce a wonderful, tasty and healthy product that results from the dedication of a lot of people involved in growing, processing and marketing our crops.

CDPB: What sets California apart from other prunes?

Neill: The unique California climate coupled with production methods that employ the highest quality standards in the world.

CDPB: Who inspires you and why?

Neill: Neal J. Denny. My good friend that passed away too soon.  He was dedicated to his family and his business but was also a constant advocate for the California Prune industry.  He was always willing to do whatever was necessary to promote prunes and was a strong voice for the prune grower even though it sometimes meant going against other prune processors.


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